Technology has significantly changed the way we work and live.   The skills that today’s students need to be productive, fulfilled adults span beyond reading, writing, and mathematics. Today our students must be self-directed, life-long learners, as well as ethical, responsible digital citizens, prepared to meet the increasing challenges of a global, information-based society. They must learn how to access, manipulate, and evaluate information, synthesize concepts, and creatively express their ideas to others using increasingly more sophisticated tools. Moreover, students must learn to use these tools in a manner reflective of Gospel values.

Given the importance of technology to higher learning and life skills, digital learning tools and instruction are an integral part of the 21st Century educational experience at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School. Our goal is to incorporate technology into all subject areas of the curriculum at a developmentally appropriate level, thereby deepening understanding and strengthening critical thinking skills across multiple platforms and subject areas. We believe that students naturally love using technology tools. They can be very motivational, easily personalized, and allow students a degree of autonomy in their own learning processes. For this reason, our teachers are committed to ongoing professional development to ensure the effective integration of technology into instruction.

Our technology goals for St. Francis of Assisi graduates are:

  • Be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive, iWork, and working on the cloud.
  • Be able to utilize online research to effectively discern credible sources and cite them appropriately.
  • Be confident in the utilization of multiple devices and platforms.
  • Possess knowledge about Internet safety, proper email etiquette, and the ethical use of information.
  • Determine which programs and applications would be best for a project based on specific goals.
  • Utilize digital media to communicate, work collaboratively, and creatively express their knowledge.
  • Organize information in multiple presentation formats.
  • Demonstrate proficient keyboarding skills.


iPad Program
Technology integration occurs in all areas of learning on campus.  We currently offer a 1:1 iPad take-home program in Kindergarten through 8th grade.    

Innovation Center
Thanks to the generosity of our families, the 2017 Auction Fund An Item raised monies to renovate the computer lab and library into a comprehensive Innovation Center.  While the contents of a traditional library are still present for our younger students, middle school and junior high students can check out digital titles on their iPads.  Students now have a flexible learning space that extends the walls of the classroom.  They have access to a recording studio and tech support bar where Apple, Microsoft, and Google applications are utilized.  Additionally, coding and robotics are offered at all grade levels.

Student Safety
Students receive instruction through Common Sense Media resources.  All iPads have Mosyle, a mobile device management system, installed with Diocesan multi-level filtering and pre-approved educational applications.  1:1 iPads are monitored 24/7 and students and parents sign an Acceptable Use Policy to ensure partnership and safety compliance between home and school.