Parent Advisory Board

Parent Advisory Board

The Parent Advisory Board (PAB) was established to enable the School to be actively engaged with and supported by a body of advisors to the Pastors and Principal that reinforces the mission and philosophy of the school. The PAB is committed to the ideals of Catholic education, leads by exemplifying a spirit of cooperation and consensus, and serves as a source of counsel on all matters requested by the Pastors and the Principal. The concept of the school advisory board is based on a belief in the importance and power of shared leadership. Through the PAB, parents, faculty, administration, and the community work together to foster excellence in Catholic education. Advisory board members offer their experience and expertise to develop sound fiscal planning, to review and help formulate school policy, to act as a liaison body with local/state officials, assist with long range planning and development and to facilitate a supportive and cohesive relationship with the parish community. This assistance is provided through the function of committees such as: strategic planning, finance, marketing, development/fundraising, enrollment, technology, Catholic identity, and school spirit.The PAB is not involved with the administration of the school, staff supervision, or student discipline.  The focus of the PAB is to promote the ministry of Catholic education at St. Francis of Assisi School by working with the standing committees and by serving as a source of counsel on matters requested by the President and Principal. 

Catholic Identity Committee
The purpose of this committee is to plan and implement activities that promote the school’s Catholic identity. This includes supporting school based ministries and sacramental preparation sponsored by the parishes, building strong relations with each of the three parishes, and promoting faith formation among all members of the school community.

Development Committee
The purpose of this committee is to oversee all programs concerning major fundraising, grant writing, endowment, foundation programs, and working with alumni relations.

Finance Committee
The purpose of this committee is to provide guidance in all aspects of the school’s financial management with special emphasis on monitoring operational budges performance through short and long-range financial goals and objectives. The committee’s critical function in financial management emphasizes the mission of the school to drive short and long term financial decisions. This includes providing input in all areas requested by the school administration and the Pastors.

Marketing Committee
The purpose of this committee is to promote school and community relations to enhance and maintain the school’s positive image at all three parishes and in the surrounding communities. This committee works collaboratively with the Enrollment Committee to develop strategies to attract and retain quality students and families.

School Spirit Committee
The purpose of this committee is to plan and implement activities that promote positive relations and involvement among all members of the school community.

Technology Committee
The essential function of the Technology Committee is to ensure that the school has the resources and plans that make effective use of technology in the classroom to provide an educational experience that prepares students to successfully meet the opportunities and challenges of the 21st Century learning and professional life.

Bob Hamra - PAB Chair
Wife:  Patricia
Children:  Sabrina - 6, Robbie - 8, Jessica - Class of 2017, Monica - Class of 2016
Parish:  Santa Clara de Assis
SFA Activities:   Volleyball, School Musical, Choir, Roller Hockey, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts.
Comments:  I have been a member of the SFA community for 20 years. I am always amazed and proud at how SFA Parents band together to support other parents in need. Whether it is making a meal , picking up a child offering a word of encouragement or a prayer to a fellow parent in a difficult time. .This community has truly been a blessing for many parents in our community. When the chips are down SFA Parents always come through.

Lisa Alonso
Spouse:  Joseph Alonso
Children:  Sabrina  23, Amelia 9 (SFA class of 2023)
Parish:  Santa Clara de Asis
SFA Activities:  School Musical, Show Choir, and Girl Scouts

Comments:  Our family have been proud members of the St. Francis community for 4 years and the Santa Clara community for 12 years.  As a product of public education, I have to admit that I originally questioned the value of parochial education, but now I can’t imagine being any place other than St. Francis!  I have been so pleasantly surprised at the high quality education (both faith-based and secular studies), the extra-curricular developmental opportunities offered and the strong sense of community and support that we have at SFA.  It’s been said that “it takes a village to raise a child”.  I am so proud and honored that St. Francis is our village!

Jennifer Bush
Husband: Garett
Children: Isabelle 3rd, Victoria 8th
Parish: Santa Clara de Asis 
SFA Activities: Auction 6 yrs, spiritual room mom, room mom, box top coordinator, Development Chair, car line, book fair, fall fundraiser, playground duty, santa secret shop chair, Inaugural Father Seamus dances, Casino Night, 8th grade brunch chair, decathlon decor, Girl Scout Leader, Parent Advisory Board

Mark Maricich
Wife:  Vickie
Children: Jake 14, Ella 12
Parish:  St. Martin de Porres
SFA Activities:  Academic Decathlon, Roller Hockey, SFA Marketing / Community Outreach

Comments:  Our kids have attended St. Francis for nearly 10 years, from pre-K through 8th grade, and we are proud to be part of the SFA community. “The Spirit of St. Francis” is everywhere at our school, and is seen in academics, activities, and in the caring and positive environment we all support. On the Parent Advisory Board, we help support this spirit and represent our fellow parents with views or ideas to make St. Francis the best that it can be. Don’t be shy -- feel free to reach out to anyone on the board with any input you may have!

Susan Schulze
Husband:  James
Children:  Lillian — 6th grade, Elizabeth — 7th grade, John — Class of 2018; Freshman at Santa Margarita Catholic High School 
Parish:  Santa Clara de Asis
SFA Activities: Academic Decathlon, Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Girl Scouts
Comments: Catholic education has been an integral part of my life and the lives of my children. When we moved from the Midwest to California six years ago, our county wide school search brought us to St. Francis of Assisi. We felt a strong sense of community at the onset, which only strengthened as we became more involved — coaching sports teams, being a room parent, working with children in the classrooms, helping with service projects and auction projects, and attending the many fun, school wide events. At St. Francis, our children have benefited from dedicated teachers and staff who care deeply for each child and their development in faith, friendships, and academics. I look forward to working with our parent community to continue and further enhance the experiences of all St. Francis students.

Lindsey Campbell
Husband: Darren
Children: Emma - Grade 2, Samuel - Pre-School
Parish:  Santa Clara de Assis
SFA Activities:  Performing Arts, Co-Chair Secret Santa Shop, Mock Trial Coach, member of the Capital Campaign
What I love about SFA:  I have been a member of the SFA community since 2014.  I witness on a daily basis numerous selfless acts of our community coming together to help one another and foster an environment for our children that teaches love, caring and kindness.

Tim Bass
Wife: Theresa
Children: Brandon - 6, Ryan - Class of 2017
Parish: San Antonio
SFA Activities:  Basketball, School Musical, Football , Cub Scouts, Student Council
Comments:  When my wife and I were first looking for a school for our children, we knew we wanted a faith filled education. When we first found St. Francis we were amazed by the stunning campus but it was the school’s catholic identity that truly called to us. The essence of the school embodies the spirit of St. Francis, a Saint that has such a special meaning to our family.  Being a proud member of the SFA community for  the past 12 years takes a special place in our hearts and we enjoy being an active member of the community and contributing where ever we can. 
Mrs. Ann Cooper
8th grade teacher - this is my 19th year at St. Francis 27th year of teaching
My children all graduated from St. Francis
Sam -class of  2004
Katie - class of 2007
Sarah - class of 2009
I live in Yorba Linda and am a member of Santa Clara.
Additional activities:  Coordinator of the East Coast Trip, Academic Decathlon Coach, Capital Campaign Committee