At St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School, our FOSS science curriculum stresses student inquiry, critical thinking and questioning, open-minded investigation, and reflective practices. Lessons are designed to inspire our students to be curious, explore, and increase their depth of learning. Through hands-on experimentation as well as critical thinking tasks and evaluation, we are forming students to solve problems, think deeply and critically and make informed, scientifically literate decisions rooted in Catholic teaching and moral responsibility so that they are well equipped to face the world.

Starting in Preschool, teachers help our youngest students experience, discover, and wonder about the world around them through a variety of methods including reading stories, singing songs, showing pictures and videos, and offering hands-on activities. These practices help our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students make connections with learning and develop logical thinking skills.

At the Elementary level, a dedicated science teacher provides interactive, hands-on, standards-based lessons that foster a sense of wonder for the world around us. Young scientists are taught a systematic approach to investigation with an emphasis on learning how to observe, ask questions, and share discoveries.

Our middle school students attend class in our science lab five times a week. This environment gives our students invaluable opportunities for hands-on learning. Students work independently and in collaborative groups to construct and challenge their understanding of the world through research, experimentation, observation, and analysis. Lessons integrate technology, engineering, and mathematics and the scientific method is infused into each lab activity, at an age-appropriate level.