Middle School

High academic standards, outstanding leadership and extracurricular opportunities, and in-depth study and practice of the Catholic faith set the middle school program at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School apart. Our curriculum offers a variety of engaging learning experiences that build the relationships, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom. At the middle school level, students learn in a departmentalized program for all subject areas in a nurturing and collaborative environment, helping them identify their strengths so that they may best prepare for high school, college, and productive careers.

The middle school years at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School are an exciting time as students become increasingly independent with their studies and begin to take on increased responsibility for their learning.

Curriculum Highlights:

Religion/Family Life

  • Daily school-wide prayer
  • Friday Community Prayer services
  • Monthly school-wide Masses and grade level Masses
  • Advent/Lenten reconciliation
  • Monthly adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
  • Christian Service Projects
  • Annual retreats
  • Field Trip to Our Lady Queen of Angels (8th Grade)
  • RCL/Benzinger Faith First Religion series, the Benziger Family Life series, Scripture reading, and study, Pflaum Gospel Weekly publications

English/Language Arts

  • Vocabulary development, comprehension, written response to literature, and discussion through Pearson series, 
  • Sadlier vocabulary program
  • Renaissance Learning STAR Reading Assessment program
  • Renaissance Learning Accelerated Reader program
  • Conventions of language Loyola Press, Voyages in English (grammar, punctuation, capitalization, parts of speech, sentence structure, etc.)
  • Formalized writing instruction
  • IXL Learning - additional online education



  • Outdoor Science Camp (grade 6)
  • Astro Camp (grade 7)
  • Science Fair Projects (grade 7)
  • FOSS - Full Option Science System
  • NGSS Standards focused on STEM
  • Robotics

Social Studies

  • Walk Through the Ancient World program (grade 6)
  • Nixon Library Geography contest (grade 7)
  • Holocaust Museum (grade 7)
  • East Coast History study trip (grade 8)
  • TCI - interactive textbooks


  • 1:1 iPad take-home program
  • Skill instruction in computer basics: the Internet, keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, digital presentations, database, desktop publishing, and multimedia
  • Use of Microsoft Office, Apple Productivity Apps, Google Apps, Google Classroom
  • Internet safety education 
  • Integration of technology in all curricular subject areas
  • Seesaw Digital Portfolio
  • Digital Textbooks

Physical Education

  • Basic skills, rules, teamwork, and sportsmanship
  • FitnessGram testing
  • Jump Rope for Heart
  • Adidas heat monitors for self-evaluation
  • Nutritional education
  • Opportunity to participate in the Kids Run OC Marathon

Fine Art

  • Meet the Masters program (3 times per year)
  • Art projects integrated throughout the curriculum in a variety of mediums


  • Diocesan Choral Festival 
  • Fee-based instrumental after-school instrumental program
  • Show Choir (optional participation)
Foreign Language
  • Spanish program (grades 5-8)