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Learning Support Program

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School answers the challenge put forth by the National Catholic Educational Association to, "Teach As Jesus Did."  With the guidance and support of the Diocese of Orange, St. Francis of Assisi has in place a support system to embrace students with diverse learning needs and gifts.
The Learning Support Program at St. Francis endeavors to provide a team approach to meet learning challenges that may be present in an individual or whole class setting.  The available team members include the student, the family, classroom teachers, administration, and learning support staff.
With caring, professional experience and knowledge, teachers assess each year to discern what individual as well as general classroom learning needs are present.  At that point the Learning Support partnership begins providing an extra layer of expertise, perspective, and personnel support as needed for a student's successful learning journey.
Some students benefit from a formal professional evaluation to identify more precisely what accommodations are needed at the school and home setting to support student learning throughout all their years at St Francis of Assisi.  Other students experience challenges that are more temporary and skill specific.
St. Francis welcomes all students for whom a quality and successful learning program can be provided.
It is an increasingly diverse world and St. Francis is eager to share in and be blessed by the gifts that diversity brings to all.