Student Council

The St. Francis of Assisi Student Council promotes good citizenship, encourages a high standard of scholarship, exemplifies a spirit of pride within our school, demonstrates the practical application of democracy, and contributes to the general welfare of the school and community.

Students in grades 5-8 are eligible to participate in the Student Council.  Students in grades 7-8 can also serve on elected positions called the Board of Commissioners.  Student Council Officers are responsible for planning and implementing a variety of exciting events throughout the school year, including; Blessing of the Animals, Spirit Rally, Thanksgiving Food Drive, Red Ribbon Week, and much more.  Each spring elections are held for the following year. Students who choose to run for a Board of Commissioners offices are responsible for creating campaign posters and writing and delivering a compelling speech regarding their qualifications.


2023 - 2024 Board of Commissioners are as follows:

President:  Sawyer H.
The President needs to be a leader among leaders. Leads all Student Council (SC) meetings, assemblies, and announcements. Works with the SC Advisors to plan and implement all activities.

Vice-President:  Reagan J.
The Vice President (VP) works with the President for all SC duties and will assume all President responsibilities when necessary. The VP is a project manager for the Blessing of the Animals in October. 

Secretary:  Charlotte W.
The Secretary will take all meeting notes for the SC. They will publicize the SLEs to the student body while acting as a positive role member. The Secretary is the project manager for Candy Gram sales in February and creates a schedule for sales.

Religious Affairs:  Natalie J.
The Religious Affairs Commissioner (RA) is the lead for daily prayers during announcements. The RA is the project manager for any Advent and Lent services/activities. The RA works with Campus Ministry for all projects and events.

Technology Commissioner:  Noah B.
The Technology Commissioner (TC) acts as the lead for technology support for morning announcements and classroom ambassadors. The TC is the Project Manager for all intercom announcements and videos for the school. The TC needs to work with the Digital Media Specialist to coordinate projects.

Publicity:  Aviana J.
The Publicity Officer (PO) is the lead for all major announcements and publicity needed for the SC. The PO is the Project Manager for the Thanksgiving Food Drive. The PO is the lead for publicizing all SC events.
Historian: Olivia W. 
The Historian Commissioner (HC) is responsible for acting as an assistant to any projects completed by the SC. The HC acts as the Project Manager for all service projects. The HC will work with the Digital Media Specialist to document the school year in pictures. Yearbook Committee Student Coordinator.
Athletics Commissioner: Nicholas F.
The Athletics Commissioner (AC) is the lead for all athletic announcements each day. The AC is the Project Manager for the Spirit Rally.