Fall Fundraiser

On Friday, September 10 we kicked off our Annual Fall Fundraiser with a special announcement during Community Prayer.  This year we have added new products! Not only will we be selling delicious Mrs. Fields cookies, but also Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes and amazing products from Charleston Wrap.
Fall Fundraiser Dates: September 10 - October 1
Product Delivery Date: November 10
*Note: Online order will be delivered directly.  Only orders placed using a physical form need to be picked up.
Please support our Fall Fundraising effort as we earn a 40% profit on every item sold. To help us reach our goal of $20,000 fundraising profit, we are asking every family to participate by selling 5 items per student. There are plenty of yummy treats, holiday gifts, and more to choose from with all items arriving in time for the Thanksgiving holiday.
If you have any questions contact the Fall Fundraiser Chair, Danielle Hill, at 714-322-6979 or dhill@sfayl.org