Enrichment activities that are stimulating and fun motivate children and support natural learning in a positive manner. For this reason, St. Francis of Assisi students are invited to participate in a wide range of developmentally appropriate enrichment classes designed to not only enhance and extend the classroom curriculum but also help them gain confidence in their own ideas and innate talents.  Our goal is to encourage students to explore new concepts, develop new skills, and advance their current abilities and interests.

2023 - 2024 enrichment courses will be offered three times a year
in 10-week sessions:

    • Session One:
      September 11 - November 30
    • Session Two:
      December 4 - February 22
    • Session Three:
      March 11 - May 23

Session One Schedule:

no class: 11/13
Chess (K-6) 3 - 4 pm
Cooking (3-7) 3-4 pm
no class: 11/14
Prof. Egghead Engineering (K-4) 3 - 4 pm
no class: 11/15
Concert Choir** (4-8) 3 - 4 pm
Informational Meeting 8/30; class starts 9/6
no class: 11/16, 11/25
ends 11/30 
Lego Engineering (K-6) 3 - 4 pm
Soccer Shots (K-2) 3 - 3:45 pm
Spanish (1-4) 3 - 4 pm

 **Concert Choir is an ongoing enrichment class. With Director's approval, students may join at any time throughout the year. There will be one flat fee of $250.

We ask that all forms or registration emails for Session 1 be completed by September 8th
to allow instructors ample time to gauge enrollment and prepare materials.


Class Information

Academic Chess
Academic Chess teaches students the basics of chess by giving the pieces backstories to explain their movements, with rhyming and musical devices. Children are asked to think deeply, evaluate positions, solve problems, develop patience, visualize results, and strategize and plan.  Please sign up directly through the Strategic Kids website, strategickids.com

Art with Miss. Emily Dunn. This class is not just limited to basic drawing, they will explore a variety of art mediums for kids to build creativity sense. The fee includes all materials. To sign up, please email Mrs. Nieto. Payment by check, cash, or on FACTS.

Cooking with Miss. Camryn Calvert. Students will learn a variety of culinary skills for kids to build confidence in the kitchen. The fee includes all materials. To sign up, please email Mrs. Nieto. Payment by check, cash, or on FACTS


Lego Engineering
Students take on real-life engineering challenges while exploring concepts in physics, architecture, and mechanical and structural engineering. They are asked to find inventive solutions in a fun-filled context that supports the growth of young minds through hands-on learning. Please sign up directly through the Strategic Kids website LEGOS

Concert Choir
St. Francis Concert Choir is a mixed choral group that consists of students in 4th through 8th grade. Rehearsals are held weekly after school. Participants perform at school masses, community events, Christmas Program, and a Spring Concert. Concert Choir provides students with wonderful, memorable experiences, and helps them become more responsible, disciplined, focused, and well-rounded individuals. Please sign up directly with Mrs. Brignoni . $250 for the school year. 

Professor Egghead Sessions
All of our classes and workshops are based on the kinesthetic model or learning by doing. We pack each lesson with hands-on experiments and fun demonstrations with student interaction that teach keywords and scientific or engineering concepts through the action. All of our science classes end with a take-home and keyword stickers for students, and all of our engineering classes teach real engineering concepts each week and focus on designing, building, and testing creations. Sign up at Professor Egghead

Soccer Shots
Soccer Shots is a uniquely designed program that introduces soccer to children in a fun, safe, and controlled environment. Each week, a 35 - 40 minute soccer session is offered. In each session, students are taught basic soccer skills, fun games, and healthy competition. The program also emphasizes character formation by highlighting concepts such as fair team play, individual concentration, cooperation, and encouragement.  Classes are done by 3:45 pm. $18 per class sign up at soccershotsoc.com


Portal Languages provide a unique opportunity to enjoy after-school Spanish and associated cultural activities during the school year. Their teaching methods are geared to allow students to acquire language skills to maintain a basic conversation. Based on scientific facts, they teach languages the "Natural Way", where memorization is not the main focus.  Classes are $20 each, plus a one-time $20 material fee. 

Theater Class

Learn the basics of acting and theater, explore how characters tell meaningful stories, collaborate as a “cast” and use creativity to bring stories to life! Taught by Miss. Jessica Lambert. To sign up, please email Mrs. Nieto. Payment by check, cash, or on FACTS



Cartooning prides itself on creating a positive and fun atmosphere where children will learn how to use their imagination, visualize their creations and plan ahead to execute their masterpieces. A variety of techniques will be used throughout the session and will be showcased in the students' very own art portfolios. CARTOONING