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SFA Vignette Series: Elaine John - Limitless!

SFA grandparent, Elaine John, shares her hopes for the future and the role that St. Francis plays in helping our children discover their talents and become leaders. “I look at it as an investment in tomorrow...the ability to have them freely enhance their gifts and explore is amazing. Our kids will be the ones to lead this world with moral values, with that ethic, with integrity, with empathy, really with kindness.”

SFA Vignette Series: Tara Campbell - Make a Difference!

SFA alumna and Yorba Linda City Council Member, Tara Campbell ‘07, recalls how her early years at St. Francis instilled a desire to make an impact on her community and positively effect change. “Growing up here at St. Francis taught me to give back to the community that has given me so much. I realized that there were needs to be met and that it starts with me.”

SFA Vignette Series: Michael Fitzpatrick - See Christ in Each Other!

SFA alumnus and seminarian, Dcn. Michael Fitzpatrick, recalls the warm welcome he received when starting school at St. Francis and how that experience still positively affects him today. “I remember how friendly the people were at St. Francis. I think it speaks to the ethos of the school. They’re trying to create an environment where people see Christ in each other.”

Congratulations Alumni Athletes!

Several athletes from our 8th grade class of 2017 made their futures evident last week, as they officially signed letters of intent or celebrated their commitment to attend colleges across the country for their sport.

SFA Vignette Series: Ann Cooper - Plant Seeds for the Future!

SFA teacher and alumni parent, Ann Cooper, talks about her calling as an educator and the pride she feels when she sees her former students taking on leadership roles. “Teaching is more than just a job, it is a vocation. It fills my heart to see that the seeds we have planted are being formed.”

Virtual Open House - January 31, 2021

On January 31st St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School will be hosting a Virtual Open House event with several ways for our existing community and prospective families to celebrate and gain a better understanding of our school! Read more to find links!

SFA Vignette Series: Jeannette Lambert - Open Doors!

SFA Principal, Jeannette Lambert, explains Growth Mindset and how it is cultivated at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School. The school strives to give each student the opportunity to challenge themselves to go beyond where they’ve been before. “It is the voice that says, ‘I may not be able to do this now, but let me try again.’” She believes that it is important to look at the development of the whole child. “...not just their academic growth, but who they are as a person...spiritually, physically, and intellectually.”

SFA Vignette Series: Angie Wintheiser - Rally for Growth!

SFA Alumni Parent, Angie Wintheiser, shares what it is like to journey through St. Francis as a parent, reflecting on the way that the school meets the unique needs of each child and how she dreams of sending her grandchildren to SFA in the future. “There is an opportunity for us all to rally for growth and the future and to celebrate this community and make it even better for tomorrow.”

Fr. Seamus Glynn - Help Us Fulfill Our Dream!

SFA Founding Pastor, Seamus Glynn, remembers where we began and he looks forward to what the future has in store for St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School. He encourages families to invest in what’s to come for our children and our community, emphasizing that the sacrifice is really worth it. “You may not see it today, but you’ll look back and say, 'This all began and has continued through the teaching at the school.'”
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