MEET MRS. UY - A New Member of the SFAYL Family!

St. Francis is our home away from home and consists of staff, students, and parents that we consider our family. This year there are many new faces added to our family, one of which is Mrs. Uy. Recently, Wolf News had the opportunity to interview Mrs. Uy to learn more about her and welcome her to our St. Francis community. 

Although this is her first year at St. Francis, Mrs. Uy has been teaching for a very long time, 13 years to be exact.  She has taught many different grades and subjects.  At St. Norberts (Orange) she was the Advanced Math instructor for grades one through four.  At St. Edward the Confessor Parish School (Dana Point) she was the Math Coordinator, Middle School Math Instructor and a Second Grade Teacher.  At John Liechty Middle School (Los Angeles) she was the Middle School Math and Science Teacher and the Science Lead to 20 other instructors.  At St. Angela Merici School (Brea) she was the Middle School Math and Resource Teacher.  At St. Pius V School (Buena Park) she was a Third Grade Teacher and a Kindergarten Teacher. She is excited to spend her 14th year of teaching as the homeroom teacher for 7A here at St. Francis. She says that she especially loves to teach middle school because, “ Middle schoolers understand my jokes!”

It is surprising to note that although she loves her job and both of her parents were teachers,  Mrs. Uy says she wanted to be anything but a teacher growing up. She wanted to be a lawyer, ballerina, or a psychologist. In college she majored in psychology.  Part of her major required that she volunteer at a school.  Her experience during that assignment changed her perspective and her career path.

“After that day that I volunteered, I knew I wanted to become a teacher, the kids were so amazing and I loved the environment,”

Mrs. Uy has two sisters and one brother.  She is married with two seven-year-old twins and a baby boy who is eight months old. She has always loved math, and in eighth grade and won an award for it. She also loves traveling, but since traveling can sometimes be expensive, she asks people for postcards when they travel.
We are so happy to welcome Mrs. Uy to our St. Francis family and glad she decided to follow her instincts by becoming a teacher instead of a lawyer or ballerina.  We know we will all enjoy her wonderful teaching style and sense of humor for years to come!