For many, November 1st is the day after Halloween, a time to recover from costumes, parties, and candy.  For Catholics, it is All Saints’ Day, a time to honor Christian Saints and martyrs.  For third grade students at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School, it is “Saints Wax Museum” day, a time to learn more about important Catholic role models and grow in their faith.    

This year, sixty students were tasked with creating a special hall, or “wax museum” of saints by researching a saint, and presenting what they learned to fellow students, staff, and family members. The children portrayed their saints by wearing elaborate costumes representing their iconic images. The project, put together by third grade teachers, Robyn Basehart and Leigh Ann Conklin, had students pretend to be a wax statue until a button was pushed, at which point they presented a narrative about their saint that included where they grew up and how they lived a holy life.  Visitors met St. Martin de Porres, Saint Rose of Lima, Saint Catherine of Sienna, Saint Juan Diego, Saint Mary, Saint Ann, Saint Luke, and many more. 

“We teach our students that saints are considered role models for people still on Earth, and are capable of interceding with God on someone’s behalf when a request for help is made in prayer,” said Basehart.  “Acting out the life of one of these important individuals is a meaningful way our students are empowered to bring God’s love into the world.”

“The students did a wonderful job telling visitors to the museum about their saints,” said Principal Tom Waszak. “We were very impressed with their knowledge of the unique facts about their saints. It was a learning experience for the students and all the visitors as well!”

The third grade also led an all-school Mass. At the Mass, Father Sy Nguyen encouraged the community to strive for heaven by adopting the habits and practices of the saints.  Several third graders were asked to share what can be learned from their chosen saint.  Answer varied from accepting God’s call by saying “okay” to God, to showing mercy toward our neighbors, and practicing prayer in our daily lives.

Through all November 1st All Saints’ Day events at St. Francis third graders truly learned that we can turn to the saints for guidance and become better people.

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