The Garden Club was started in 2015 by then sixth graders Ciara C. and Ryan B. who wanted to create a way for students to help the environment while here at school.  They took the space behind the Science Lab and converted it into a small bed for plants.  You can see the space they turned into their own garden as you pass through carline each morning.

The founders of the Garden Club are now in eighth grade, and they have passed their club down to sixth graders Ava C., Tatum L., Audrey P., Katie P., and Angelina P. who feel a responsibility to keep the club and the garden alive.  "We wanted to make it thrive-we didn't want to just leave it," says the sixth graders. 

The Garden Club is assisted by Mrs. Kridle, the 6-8th grade science teacher, who supplies the group, with gardening tools, seeds, and other equipment as well as the information needed to plant. Club members plants things like sunflowers, tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, and even pumpkin. However, these plants won't even begin to thrive until Fall. "Gardening requires a lot of patience," the girls say. The group has big expectations for the garden going forward. They want to see healthy, tall plants for years to come.