Feeding the Hungry

by Mia F.

Each year, St. Francis holds its Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive to collect food for charities. The food is given to churches like St. Martin de Porres Church, who then distribute the food to charities. But haven't you ever wondered where it went after the churches? 

The Thanksgiving Food Drive has been held at St. Francis since the school opened. Since then, donations have greatly increased, and this year, 12-15 bags of food were distributed to charities from St. Martin de Porres Church. The food distributed to St. Martin's goes to people that come to the churches who are homeless, are having financial difficulties, have someone ill in their family, and more.

Donating food, clothes, etc. to charity can make you feel happy that you helped someone in need, but it's about way more than that. It can make someone's day just to receive a simple act of kindness from another. Because of donations made to charities and the homeless, a person can be fed Thanksgiving dinner that they may not otherwise have had.

I bet it's been awhile since you've really thought about the main origins of the Thanksgiving Food Drive and where it really all goes. Next time you hand in food or clothes to charities, you can think about the people receiving them and how happy you've made them. Happy Holidays to everyone!