St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School Launches Wolf News!

- Mia F. has attended St. Francis since Kindergarten.  

- She is currently a seventh grader in 7B.  

- Mia plays competitive soccer for the OC Strikers.

- She loves to read fantasy and biography books.  Her favorite series is Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling is someone she admires as a writer.

- Mia would like to play for the US Women's National Soccer Team or be an architect when she grows up.

"What I love about St. Francis is how welcoming everyone is.  If you are a new student there are people excited to show you around and tell you about everything that is happening."

Mia F. is someone who works hard to reach her goals. Last year when Mia ran for the Student Council position of Publicity Commissioner, she expressed the need for a student perspective on life at St. Francis. Mia did not win her election, but that did not stop her from making her vision of a student reporter in the school newsletter a reality.  

"Wolf News" is a project she has worked passionately on over the Summer break, completing a long list of tasks that included reading and breaking apart the structure of news stories, preparing for and conducting interviews, learning the research process required for story background, verifying information from credible sources, and writing mock articles in order to develop her writing style and a unique voice for the students at St. Francis.  

Once a month, Mia will be contributing an article to our eNewsletter on a variety of topics related to life as a student at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School.