Student Authors Celebrated at Annual Young Authors' Night

On Wednesday, June 8 parents, teachers, and the community will recognize the accomplishments of 53 students becoming published authors and illustrators.  St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School’s Young Authors’ Night, now in its eighth consecutive year, will feature displays of each child’s completed work. 

Students worked diligently this year with their teachers and fellow classmates to produce books on a wide range of subjects.  Each step in the writing process was worked though, from brainstorming ideas, writing drafts, proofreading and editing, to a completed story.  Students used revision and editing strategies to improve their writing, technology for research and word processing, and original illustrations to visually enhance their books.

“You write, then proofread, then revise, and edit.  Then you do it again, and again, and again, and again, and again,” said Victoria B.  “Writing a book challenged me.  I have a new respect for authors!” 

When students completed their stories, they drew illustrations to compliment their writing. Seeing the finished product of writing and illustrations together in print, was both inspiring and motivating to many students. 

“Writing a book is a very long process, but once you are done you get to inspire other people to write their own story,” said Gianna L.  Classmate, Gracie K. agreed, “It was fun and rewarding to write whatever we wanted, not what was assigned.”

“It is amazing to see how creative and polished our students’ writing can become when they have a chance to completely immerse themselves in the writing process from start to finish,” said Ginny Simers, St. Francis Fifth Grade Teacher.  “Being a great writer is not really about sitting and writing a story in one session.  Being a great writer is all about rewriting, revisions, and sharing your work with others.  Our students have accomplished something remarkable at a young age; they are published authors and illustrators.” 

As you read any of these unique and meaningful books, vibrant color and exciting tales jump off the pages.  Programs such as this promote writing at St. Francis as a lifelong skill.

“The entire process is an attempt to connect students to the reward of the writing process,” according to Judy Russell, St. Francis Fifth Grade Teacher.  “This project shows them that their words and their stories have value and meaning.  It helps them experience a feeling of validation and self-confidence.”

“I am so happy St. Francis can offer students a night focused on literacy and creative writing,” said St. Francis Principal Tom Waszak.  “As we continue guiding students toward becoming successful 21st Century citizens, Young Authors’ Night is a way to encourage a love of writing and reading."