Eighth Graders Honor Moms with Words of Love

Yorba Linda, CA, May 9, 2016 - Over Mother’s Day weekend, 27 St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School eighth graders who placed in an essay contest sponsored by local jeweler, Mike Watson, entitled "Why Mom Deserves a Diamond," were invited to The Gallery of Diamonds Jewelers to receive a precious stone to honor their mother.
Students described their hardworking, caring, and devoted mothers in essay format in an effort to highlight what makes their mom precious to them.  Watson brings in local teachers to read the essays and select their favorites. Prize winning students bring their mom to the shop to read their composition aloud and present her with a gemstone.

“The competition honors all mothers and helps students build confidence in their writing abilities,” said St. Francis of Assisi Language Arts Teacher, M’Liss Painter.  “Having something so personal to write about can be motivating and rewarding,” she continued.  “Our students put their hearts into their writing.”

The contest was founded in 1993 in honor of Watson’s birthmother and adoptive mother. When the campaign began, just 200 letters were submitted.  This year there were over 22,000 entrants.  Two grand prize winners received an unmounted, quarter cut diamond.  The top 5%, which included many St. Francis students, were selected as 1st place winners and received an amethyst gemstone to give to their mom. 2nd place winners received an African garnet. 


  Amethyst   Garnet
E. Arendt M. DiGiulio
G. Battaglia G. DiGiulio
T. Collins G. Edwards
M. Darling P. Fabricio
Z. Dellalonga J. Garcia
K. Gerger E. Goggins
M. Hamra K. Grewal
C. Hiu E. Haddadin
E. Padget B. Hattouni
B. Woinarowicz L. Knizel
A. Larsen
L. Leuterio
J. Mangali
R. Masiglia
C. Nepple
M. Nguyen
C. Valencia