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Last month 12 hard working St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School students took first place at the National Junior High Academic Decathlon competition for the first time in school history. The team consisting of 10 decathletes and 2 alternates took first place in the Logic portion of the intellectual competition and second place in the Super Quiz category. Individually, 7th grader Benjamin B. took first place in Math, 8th grader Julianna B. took second place in Religion, and 8th grader, Samantha E., took third place in Science. The compiled results put them above 160 other schools from across the country and garnered them the title of National Champions.

Shepherd Series Vignette Interviews: Rev. Sy Nguyen - Be The Best!

“I’ve always been of the mindset of, if you do something do it well.” This week Father Sy shares his philosophy on always doing his best in order to serve God and how his desire to be number one extends to the way that the church and the school support parents as they form their children in a secular world.

Shepherd Series Vignette Interviews: Rev. Sy Nguyen - Forming Our Children With Intentionality

Father Sy emphasizes the duty parents have to deliberately pass our faith along to our children. “If parents do not give their children a set of values or beliefs or attitudes, somebody else will. Our children are not neutral. Our children are being formed every moment by a secular world. Are we going to forfeit our right, our responsibility to pass down our beliefs and our values?”
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