FriYAY To Do List June 5th

Literature: Ar points due at noon. Grades close @ 12. No execptions
15 minutes of IXL diagnostic
Mrs. Raymond's Math: 15 minutes of IXL diagnostic by NOON

Thursday June 4th TO DO

Religion: Pic Collage due FRIDAY
Literature AR test close FRIDAY @ NOON
Grammar: How to writing assignment due FRIDAY
Mrs. Raymond's Math: Zoom @ 10:00

June 3rd TO DO LIST

Religion:pic collage-see google classroom
Literature: AR tests due FRIDAY 
Final "HOW TO" assignment due FRIDAY.Please see Google classroom for requirements
Mrs. Raymond's Math: Quiz 10.3-10.4

Tuesday June 2nd To Do List

Religion: chapter review of 17 due tomorrow. Assigned yesterday
Grammar: Quizizz on sentence structure. Must earn 70% 
Literature: Write your HOW TO essay. Voyages pg 250- use as a guide
Mrs. Raymond's Math: QUIZIZZ on Histograms and Box Plots. Must earn at least 70% quiz tomorrow

Monday June 1st TO DO

Literature: AR tests 3 for the trimester due JUNE 5th READ!
Grammar: Read Voyages pg 264 and complete QUIZIZZ
Religion: pg 267 Complete activity A#1-9  and page 268 Activity C
Mrs. Raymond's Math page 466 #1-8 Quiz Tuesday.

Friday, May 29th

Religion: Read chapter 17 We will complete Chapter Review next week
Literature: Read a book of your choice. AR tests end June 5th
Grammar: Quiz graded for completion SENTENCE STRUCTURE review in IXL
Mrs. Raymond's Math: 10.4 in ZOOM today. 30 minutes of IXL this week :)

May 28th To Do List

Religion: May Crowning during ZOOM @8;30
Literature: Dialogue quiz-graded for completion. Take AR test for the trimester.
Grammar: Verbs quiz-graded for completion. Do your weekly IXL (recommendations)
Mrs. Raymond's Math:10.3 Zoom @10:00AM

to do list Wednesday May 27th

Religion: Chapter 16 test
Grammar:read page 254-256 and complete ACTIVITY E and F
Literature read a book of your choice for 15 minutes You need three books for AR
Math: 10.3 during ZOOM

Tuesday, May 26 to do list

Religion: review chapter 16 TEST on WEDNESDAY
Literature; Close Read Questions #1-9  for "Broom Dog"
Grammar: VOYAGES pg 251 Activity A and pg 252 Activity C 
Mrs. Raymond's Math:  2  Quizizz and 15 minutes of IXL Diagnostic

Friday May 22nd To Do List.

*** Zoom @ 9:00 this morning for ELA******
15 minutes of IXL diagnosing in ELA due by NOON
Scope Magazine read "The Broom Dog"  be ready to discuss on Tuesday
Grammar: Read pages 248-250 be ready to discuss on Tuesday
Mrs. Raymond's Math practice quiz 10.1-10.2 pg 449 # 1-10 all due Tuesday. Zoom @ 10.

Thursday May 21st To Do List

Religion: finish chapter 16 and chapter review-assigned yesterday
Literature: Scope magazine test in GoogleClassroom
Grammar: Semicolons pg 168-169 Ex1 and 2  45 minutes of IXL recommendations EVERY week
Mrs Raymond's Math: pg 445 #1-13 all Zoom @10:00 60 minutes of IXL each week.

WEDNESDAY May20th To Do List

Religion: finish reading all of chapter 16 pg 242-242 and complete chapter review 245- 246 Exercise A, and C only. 
Literature: Take the QUIZIZZ on literary devices
Reread "THE GREAT STINK"  test Thursday
Grammar: take the QUIZIZZ on commas
Mrs. Raymond's Math: Zoom @ 10 we will start Chapter 10 read 434-438 #4-11 all

May 19th Tuesday's To Do

Religion: Google Classroom to answer: How would you have prayed to God if you had been in Job's place? What did God ask of Job? reread page 240 
Literature: SCOPE magazine paragraph PAGE 4 NOW ITS YOUR TURN
Zoom @ 8:30 in GOOGLE CLASSROOM due Wednesday
IXL:45 minutes per week, so do 10 minutes per day!
Raymond's Math : test Ch 9 

Monday May 18th TO DO LIST

Religion:  page 238-241 and complete #1-3 See Google Classroom
Literature: Finding Text Evidence pages in Google Classroom
Grammar: 7.4 Commas Ex1 and Ex 2 all 
ZOOM @ 8:30
Mrs. Raymond's Math Zoom @ 10 to finish Practice test B

Friday May15th to do list

8:00-10:00am VOTE for Student Council through GOOGLE CLASSROOM ELA
Literature:complete CLOSE Read questions, CRITICAL thinking questions, and 1 Vocabulary page
BOOK REPORT-2 reasons why this book is good and a one to two paragraph SUMMARY of book
Religion: pg 237 pic collage
Mrs. Raymond's Math: chapter 9 practice test B due Monday @ 3:00
SCHOOL ENDS @ NOON ....See you Monday :D